Erin Cooper has been a professional baker for over a decade; having graduated from the Baltimore International College of Culinary Arts, with a degree in Baking and Pastry, with a concentration on becoming a world class Pastry Chef. 

Her expertise has led to numerous testimonials from clientele in and around the Tri-State area attesting to the superior quality and devoted care given to all ERIN'S Delights™ products.

A sincere passion and deep joy for her craft is what is infused into every ERIN'S Delights™ product which virtually guarentees a wonderful addition to your every event. 

You can witness the dedication to every creation of ERIN'S Delights™ products in the words of Erin Cooper herself:

"As a child, I was always very artsy and creative. I loved designing and making jewelry, and was always doing some kind of craft. I also loved to help cook when my parents made dinner and I couldn't wait till the weekends when my Dad and I would make the biggest breakfasts!

This is where my passion for being in the kitchen started. As I got older, I started baking every chance I could get. I loved it! I knew I wanted to go to culinary school and take up baking and pastry arts.

In culinary school, I liked the baking program, but had the most fun in decorating class.  It bought me back to artsy/creative side.

I graduated from culinary school, and have been decorating ever since!"   

Get a taste of Erin's Passion!........taste